Worldwide Ashram
Worldwide Ashram

The Legend of the Ancient of Days

2.5 Million Years Ago

A great being of tremendous spiritual attainment, Lord Sanat Kumara, known in the Bible as the Ancient of Days, offered to come to the rescue of the lost souls of planet Earth. He knew the spiritual history of this planet and the spiritual potential of the souls here.

Sanat Kumara, the Great Bodhisattva, asked for a Cosmic Dispensation to come and hold the Light himself, until some among Earth could do so themselves. This incredible sacrifice involved the physical presence on earth of this Great Being until his attainment was no longer necessary for the survival of this darkened planet. His students and children, known as the 144,000 volunteered to come with their beloved master; they refused to let him come alone.

Sanat Kumara and his retinue descended to that ancient City of Shambhalla, the White City, that legend proclaims existed in the ancient Gobi Sea - now the Gobi Desert. He is known by many names in different religions and in different cultures. Please see the Sanat Kumara website for more information and history on this wonderful Being.

One of the greatest cosmic stories is the history of Sanat Kumara and the "144,000 beings of light" that were part of his spiritual mandala. These souls came on a heroic rescue mission to help their leader hold the spiritual balance for earth. Four hundred leaders in this group came first and prepared the way for their brothers and sisters.

Some of these great souls have ascended again to the heaven world, while many yet serve here. Some are here to play their role as Earth's drama accelerates, while others are still entrapped by karma and illusion. These souls are still sought by the Brotherhood, as these rescuers became ones needing rescue. Many of the great lights of history are the souls that came on this rescue mission. They held the spiritual flame until some among earth's evolutions could mature and become responsible for Earth themselves. Sanat Kumara has said to this group in this age, "come my children, ye have tarried too long, it is time to come home."


Shamballa by Marius Michael-George

With the coming of Sanat Kumara and the rescue mission to the White City of Shambhalla, Earth's destiny was changed. With the efforts of the original Four Hundred, who were the advance guard arriving from Venus to build the White City, another dispensation was granted to the Earth for a new civilization. This was the Island Continent of Lemuria, the Mother Land. The home of beautiful Lemuria was in the Pacific Ocean and was a paradise.

The Great White Brotherhood continued to send their emissaries into embodiment to teach, guide and win the lightbearers to the spiritual path. Many long cycles came and went with this battle ongoing in this system of worlds and in the motherland of Mu.

A Mystery School was created in Lemuria and the story of Adam and Eve, took place in this School. Their fall in consciousness was the second fall of man on Earth. It involved many lightbearers as the story of Adam and Eve is an archetypal story of the Master and the Souls of twin flames on the Path. This fall involved their souls interaction and indoctrination by Serpent, an actual fallen angel and master manipulator, and their acceptance of duality in the place of the eternal truth.

With the fall of Adam and Eve and the destruction of the Mystery School, the end of the Lemurian civilization and the Motherland came in an awful cataclysm. The gas belts underground ignited and with earthquake, fire and explosion, the beautiful continent was destroyed. Yet, the Great Brotherhood, working with the Logos for the evolution of the souls of men began to create a new opportunity.

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