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Bind one another’s wounds, heal one another’s afflictions, and breathe gentle kindness into the spirits of the downtrodden. So shall the spirit of the Cross bearer fill this worldwide Ashram. 

El Morya, Ashram Notes

The simple techniques of the Ashram’s meditation and visualization are for the fulfillment of the “sublime purpose” of expanding you soul-light and offering transcendent service to God on behalf of humanity. Each devotee, dedicated to the “divine renaissance,” creates a momentum which is strengthened within the Ashram to uplift the world that “a new heaven and a new earth” might be made manifest.

Through group meditations members of the Worldwide Ashram extend Light rays from our hearts, connecting with the heart of every Lightbearer on this planet. As we do this, we create an antahkarana of light around the world.

Thus, beloved, the Ashram always was and always will be without requirements except devotion. You do not need membership cards. You do not need written pledges or dues or anything else. 

El Morya

You can be a member of the Ashram individually or as part of a group. Groups are meeting both locally on and virtually, if you would like to connect with other Ashram members, fill out the form below.

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