Spiritual Books & Resources

In pursuit of the True Reality, we offer the following list of books, sources and libraries from organizations and teachings sponsored by the masters.


The Summit Lighthouse

An abundance of spiritual books by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Over 75 titles on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters that have been translated into 29 languages. Be sure to get the Ashram Notes!  This is the spiritual work that is foundational to the Worldwide Ashram. The Notes are a series of letters from El Morya and other Masters to the members of the Ashram.

The Agni Yoga Society directory of books available for downloading. Some of the Agni Yoga works, like Supermundane IV are only available online. Key books for building spiritual communities are New Era Community, Brotherhood and Heart.


A Theosophical Society directory of books available for downloading.

The online book resource for Saint Germain Press, the publishers of the “I AM” Activity books.

Unifying Principle’s of the World’s Religions by C. David Lundberg addresses the shared virtues and principles in each of the world’s religions. The book shows us the commonality of a shared world view and what an enlightened society would look like. A broad and in-depth background that will help you discuss spiritual ideas with people of diverse religions.