Astrology and Alchemy for the Healing of our World

We are posting this essay from our friends at Starfires Astrology. This blog gives key information for our nation and world in terms of astrology, personal and planetary transformation and transmutation.

Learn more about the alchemy of the violet flame and the power of this new spiritual dispensation. The Violet Flame was first given in the 20th century to seekers on the spiritual path as a scientific and spiritual tool to accelerate consciousness and vibration so earth could transit more peacefully through these difficult times.

Now is the Time to liberally use the science of the spoken word, the Violet Flame, and Light for the victory of Light on our planet.

For the Love of the Earth and the Evolutions of Light

The Alchemy for our World

galaxy and starsAnd I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. Revelation 21:1

Let us change matter with the Violet Fire through the Science of the Spoken Word and assist life entering into a Golden Age.

“….The multi-verse theory says the entire universe “freezes” during observation, and we see only one reality…”
UC Santa Barbara’s Andrew Cleland

This article is to remind us of the desire of our Beloved Saint Germain to quickly raise up our vibration in our bodies, our personal worlds, and the planet Earth so we can easily slip into the new Earth of the Golden Age. Saint Germain is the Master Scientist, the Master Alchemist. He has given us the information we needed to not only learn about the violet flame  but how to use the Violet Fire, to lift up our atoms, molecules and all the particles of energy that are swirling around our own solar system and within our body’s forcefield.

The Violet Fire is the key to transmute and change our astrology that is hard and dense.

The Violet Fire creates breakthroughs by changing dense energy and thoughts and life’s dreary monotony into new fresh potentials and happiness — especially during these dark times when one world is ending and a new world is beginning. Raise your vibration every single day. Keep it up. Stay in the heart and the power of the Higher Mind of pure thoughts.

Learn how to use the Violet Sacred Fire every single day, just do a little bit in the beginning and then work up to 15 minutes a day.  One hour a day will create miracles. (To learn more read The Science of the Spoken Word)

For 15 minutes or more every day until December 31 2010, and then as much as possible throughout the months ahead until December 2012.

The Last cycle of Uranus in Pisces (March 10 2003 to March 10 2011)

To those who have ears let them hear…

It is the end of the year when there is an accounting of how we have done with our lists and goals.  We look back and tally our accomplishments and take note of our tasks that need to be transferred onto our 2011 New Years resolution and goals.

There are those in heaven who also have a list, but it isn’t a typical list.  It is a tallying or a weighing of vibration on the Earth of “stuff” that’s been left over that has not yet been corrected or resolved, transmuted in the fire of love.

These things are put on the list for the next year, 2011 by those invisible helpers that encourage humanity to become awake and take care of these things, and so it goes, pile upon pile of things that have not been handled.  Let’s call this lump of energy left over year after year accumulated personal and/or world karma.

We have our personal lump of stuff that has yet to be fixed or resolved, and the Earth as a whole has her lump also. The Earth’s is the collective energies of all of us living here either blessing or contaminating the earth’s energy field with either a variation of fear/ hate or of Love.

Along with this heavy list is another tally or measuring that is taking place.

This measuring is within the motives, the hearts and the will of all the souls who are making a heroic effort to TRY to move upwards and take their nations with them, up up up.

It isn’t the number of people who are higher in vibration that counts, but the power and quality and intensity of love within us that matters.

Many experts and speakers are stepping forth with much vigor to offer a way to increase personal happiness through a variety of techniques that are recently using the phrase of raising your vibration. They are becoming more and more specific and scientific in how to do this.

I am excited with the breakthroughs in these areas of personal alchemical change and  of neurocircuitry. Personal mindmap  movies, treasure maps, EFT, EMDR etc… These new methods  can help each of us to realize there is something inside of each one of us that has an amazing spark or fire that when fanned with the fire of mantras, visualizing and the last most important element, intense emotion, it manifests. While I am excited for these breakthroughs there is more we can do.

Uranus’s movement through the solar system moving through the sign of Pisces into Aries, squaring Pluto moving from Sagittarius and now through Capricorn, has been a major influence of these new Aquarian beginnings.  There are many scientific, psychological and physical discoveries that are literally exploding into the news every single day.

It’s as if something is encouraging us to listen and quickly jump onto the wave of light before the wave moves on.

The boarding pass is the love in your heart and the changing of the old ways and emotions into a higher more ethereal vibration.  This new ethereal limitless vibration and reality is achieved by giving decrees — especially the Violet Flame decrees. We want to achieve this new state so we are vibrating at the same rate or frequency with this higher vibration of a new Heaven and new Earth.

At the end of the year, spiritual devotees invoke light into their own bodies and also into the Earth to lift the burdens and increase the love.

So we have two cycles or timelines…

For the next two years it is very important that we keep our vibration up every single day. Feel your chest area of your body expanding as if a beautiful Fiery Sun were burning inside your heart the size of a beach ball. This is the power point, the nexus of the power.  It’s the place where the lower and the upper selves meet.

Up high above in vibration is your I Am Presence, that beautiful piece of Heaven directly tied to you.  Your I Am Presence transfers its beauty into your heart, and — if you allow it to — dissolves the lower self’s frustrations making you free.

There is a secret fire inside this heart that has the power of a nuclear device, and it releases magnificent rays of creation when activated by the emotion of love. This is why it feels so good to be in love and in that state everything seems possible to you.  Remember that.

You can create that same feeling by speaking to your I Am Presence and through raising yourself up to it’s frequency — feel the two worlds — our world here on Earth and the world of your I Am Presence — merge and your heart open.  This is what music, prayer, chanting and  religious ceremony were for, to open up the heart to the world of heaven so one could experience — in great humility — the power and emotions of the Godhead.

When these two worlds connect Heaven enters our world.

Heaven enters through thoughts of beauty, inspiration of all the constructive ideas you want to create, Atoms and Molecules with sound/vibration. There is a shift and you can feel this blissful  state for a very long time. Heaven on Earth is a peaceful and exciting place to live.

This is why it is so important to begin practicing our communion with heaven regularly. We are to move upwards and accelerate into this new world. As we each accelerate, more and more of the lesser world will follow us into the Golden Age.

As Jupiter and Uranus make their last transit through Pisces (now through March 10 2011), is a good time to help ourselves — and the Earth — by doing this practice.

Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces are in water.  Pisces is the sign carrying the weight of the world and all its suffering. We want to call down the Fire of the Violet Ray and change all that burden that Pisces is carrying into the true God Free happiness and power we were meant to be!

We are changing water into wine. The wine of forgiveness, mercy, love and hopefulness. The Fire of the Violet Ray is the boarding pass calling us upward into the Golden Age.

Forgiveness towards the actions of someone who behaves poorly is part of this change we are called upon to bring — let us not deny anyone our forgiveness and love. The soul has the power of eternal love. The path of Jesus (the Piscean Master) gives us the example of the forgiveness of the water of human consciousness that doesn’t know how to act. Forgive and engage in the power and honor of love. It protects your nation from those living in darkness.

Love and Forgiveness intensifies, accelerates, increases, magnifies your vibration.

Vibration right now is the name of the game. The higher the vibration of the people the more powerful your nation will accelerate.  It isn’t a mechanical raising of your vibration — but a heart raising vibration. It is a desiring for God to take hold of your emotions, your mind, your body, and you becoming that Presence.

Do you want to remain vulnerable to the darkness and manipulators of a world, or a certain dimension of world I should say?

The techniques for personal transformation mentioned earlier which are saturating the web and bookstores and lecture halls are powerful and helpful. But here is where we pierce through the ceiling of the metaphysical/scientific techniques of quantum creating with the most important element NOT TAUGHT to these hungry audiences desiring change and freedom from their old selves.

The Master/Student, Guru/Chela relationship is the most important piece for raising the vibration to our eternal freedom.

It is the relationship with these magnificent Masters who have walked this earth, ascended and are now reaching down their hand to grasp your hand while you pray and do those decrees, mantras and meditations.  Not only are they here to help, but they create a sealed corridor of light which helps us cross over into this higher dimension that the other techniques alone can not offer.  The mechanical techniques of raising our vibration only can take us up so much. Only by bonding ourselves to God and to that special relationship between those who have gone before us and ascended can we have a chance.

The relationship between us — here in a body on Earth — and those who have ascended in the other worlds of light is the missing element.  Now while Saturn — the planet that delivers our assignments — is in the sign of Libra — which is all about building a new relationship with each other and with these Great Beings — building a bridge between heaven and earth. Now is the cycle to ask for this relationship with God, with Jesus, with Saint Germain, all the other Masters, with the angels.

Saturn in Libra has been opposing Uranus in Aries in 2010 and is presenting the challenge of accelerating our vibration to be equal to the etheric vibration.  Both these planets are in 90 degree angles to Pluto creating the design of a T — a T-Square.  Pluto (from 2009 to 2023 ) is the potential released of a blueprint or matrix country by country and over the entire Earth.   It is in the state of what we call the atom of power potential waiting to be molded and imprinted with either the fallen angels desires and rules, or Gods.

The Masters of great light know what the blueprint is that must permeate the nations but they need us in the earth to call it down through the prayers and decrees. The Masters need our bodies, minds and decrees to build a relationship with them so they can square this Pluto and impress their minds and vision into this Pluto. This Pluto has the power to permanently imprint the Golden Ideas into our countries.

Just think back to the 1700’s when Pluto was last in Capricorn.  See how it formed a new blueprint for millions to follow?  Pluto in Capricorn is still in a liquid state. This is the time we want to imprint God’s Blueprint into ourselves and the nations — not the lower vibrations of a mechanized existence.

This is how it goes:

  1. Use meditation, decrees and affirmations to raise up our vibration so we can feel “married” (Libra) to your Divine Master of Light. Call to Archangel Michael to block you from any astral or lower Masters who come as impostors in order to trick you into a synthetic relationship. ( Beloved Jesus is a perfect Master if you have problems accepting other Masters at this time)
  2. Use the Violet Flame each day to change your personal life into a new beautiful higher vibration and
  3. Give the Violet Flame Decrees with a prayer before you begin to the Ascended Master Saint Germain and your own Beloved Mighty I Am Presence to release the Violet Transmuting Flame into your nation and the earth and accelerate all who live here into the Magnificent Light of Freedom and Liberty forever.

This will unify us into one body which blesses us all beyond words, transitioning our life right into a Golden Age dimension, a specific parallel universe, which may be meshing with your home even now.

Decrees that have been perfectly designed for our acceleration and the Earth’s healing and raising up, intensify the sound/waves of love.  Love has a very high vibrational frequency.  We have 64 codons of amino acids in the DNA structure.

But only 20 are active. These sites have antenna points. Waves of emotion of love combined with sound and especially generated from our own voice  cross over in waves our DNA activating all  20 codons and maybe more sites on the DNA;  but fear and all negative emotions touch very few of those 20 codes.  The more sites are bathed with these waves and then activated, the more creative higher vibration and potential we have in our world.  So we want to feel better in our mind and emotions, so we can  use all our DNA’s potential.  In the DNA is the power to create perfection.

4 minutes into part two shows the voice tone and music’s affect on matter.

Parallel universes….which one would you rather live in?  These ideas to me, are not in conflict with my spiritual beliefs but help support my belief that we have an accountability for our world, our reality, and it shows in our astrology chart exactly what we came into this world to magnify and expand, or transmute and change.  It really does get down to you. What do you want?

Parallel Universes (On 8 November 2003, Art Bell personally interviewed the author, Professor M. R. Franks, devoting three full hours to his new, groundbreaking book, The Universe and Multiple Reality: A Physical Explanation for Manifesting, Magick and Miracles.

Following the author’s guest appearance on Art Bell’s show, the book skyrocketed into Amazon’s list of their 100 bestselling books — becoming for a time Amazon’s 23rd bestselling book in America.

You think you are just a human being in a human body and you just want things that feel good like a good meal and a nice sleep and a variety of pleasures to entertain so ‘it” can feel good in our human world…but guess what!  These planetary positions are forcing an acceleration….
“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

Let love reign and sacred sound saturate the world. This magnificent opportunity to love and transform is in our hands.

From Christine Barrere at Starfires Astrology

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