Near Death Experience reveals the Violet Flame

A riveting account of a near death experience is given in a book called Secrets of the Light.  Dannion Brinkley describes his shocking experience of death and of his consciousness or soul passing out of his body -more than once- and exploring the mysteries just beyond our daily level of reality.

Dannion saw the crystalline or etheric cities or the “heaven world”. He experienced the power of prayer and  meditation to set one ‘s self free  as well as setting others free from the downward pull of sadness, regret, violence and war.  He was also shown a spiritual gift rather unknown to many spiritual seekers, that of the violet light or violet flame.

This violet flame is a high frequency of spiritual energy that people have seen dissolve, transmute, and purify emotions, thoughts and experiences. Once a legend among ancient mystics, the violet flame has again been revealed for the conscious use of spiritual seekers.

It is like the alchemical elixir of ancient times that was said to restore youth and well being. Taken in a spiritual context, this violet flame restores the spirit and transmutes the lead of mistakes, wrong doing and pain into the gold of opportunity, mercy and forgiveness.

NDE’s often reveal a world of deep meaning and everlasting life. Dannion’s NDE’s show us spiritual solutions for a troubled world.
Some use the violet flame mantras with the rosary and other more traditional forms of prayer and meditation. Each spiritual seeker can practice in the laboratory of their own soul and discover what can set themselves and others free.
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Near Death Experience reveals the Violet Flame

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    • Austragésilo Penaforte
    • November 2, 2010

    Excelente artigo, recomendações e base de reflexão. Tenho encontrado muitos pontos incomuns entre a literatura sobre San German e a Chama Violeta com experiências vividas. O que, aliás, reforça a importância do tema, suas mensagens e, acima de tudo, o fortalecimento da fé do buscador consciente.
    Excellent articles and recommendations are in this think tank. I have found many unusual points between San Germain literature and the Violet Flame with spiritual experiences. This, moreover, reinforces the importance of the topic, your messages and, above all, strengthening the faith of the awakened seeker.

      • Editor
      • November 17, 2010

      So lovely to get your comments! We look forward to hearing more.

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