El Morya on how Beauty will save the World

El Morya Glory to the Hero. Diptych. 1933; by Nicholas Roerich Nicholas Roerich “Whosoever proclaims Beauty shall be saved! …” “Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture. Through Beauty will you approach.” El Morya from Agni Yoga Society   Here is a great article from our friends at Reverse Spins on […]

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A Tribute to Akiane Kramarik: Artist, Poet and Inspiration

She captured the ultimate creative moment when the soul reflects the face of God, in whose image she is made and through this act dissolves into the Eternal Now. What I see in Akiane’s art is what I hear with the poems of Rumi, the revelation of my own soul.

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A Story of the Spirit of American Culture and Art

In 1943, during the Second World War, Norman Rockwell painted the Four Freedoms series. (In addition to Freedom from Want were Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship, and Freedom from Fear). That same year a fire in his studio destroyed numerous original paintings. Norman Rockwell’s works enjoy a broad popular appeal in the United States for […]

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