El Morya

Theosophy, Zanoni, the Occult Law and the Golden Age

Did H.P.Blavatsky actually just plagiarize ideas from Bulwer-Lytton and his esoteric novel Zanoni? This question is being mulled over again by an American grad student in Religious Studies. What religious studies students do not know about is the real process of initiation. They do not understand the ending of Occult law and the blessing to […]

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El Morya on how Beauty will save the World

El Morya Glory to the Hero. Diptych. 1933; by Nicholas Roerich Nicholas Roerich “Whosoever proclaims Beauty shall be saved! …” “Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture. Through Beauty will you approach.” El Morya from Agni Yoga Society   Here is a great article from our friends at Reverse Spins on […]

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Mahatmas and Ascended Masters

Mahatmas vs. Ascended Masters- are the men who founded the Theosophical Society whose precipitated letters are now at the British Museum, the same as the Ascended Masters of twentieth century fame?

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