Energy is God

Our group is chock full of many types of healers, interestingly each coming down a different track and yet all following the same path of “Energy”.  “Energy” is all, “Energy” is God and as we find out how it is configured, we find out that it is rewritable. It is found in communion.

Energy is intelligent but bends to our free will. The lattice on which this energy hangs is “our world” and in our particular personal world our own four lower bodies. We live in an environment that seeks to keep us in a place of choosing between one side of the duality or the other, both lead to misery, fanaticism, disease and death.

There are many ways into the keyboard, mouse and operating system of Self. The Self is the same for everyone. He/She/They/It awaits our attention. The differences are the way we have been programmed and this sets up the maze of our approach, how we are willing to approach God and “Give” our attention. As wayshowers, we use our divine intuition to work our way through the maze, forward back left right and some come along with us.

Those who take different ways are often seen in error and this is only amplified by the duress, confusion, and striving of the path we do follow. We sometimes see others and their different routes as a distraction and/or even a deception. When this occurs, we seek to find something wrong with them to validate ourselves and the choice of path we follow.

Let us all commit to going home, home is where we find our balance and rising, home is not a place but a state. We need a forum where each one of us can give our latest findings with Self respect and be received with Self respect. There are so many ways to the source, so many fine-tuned and tailored obstacle removers in our hands, let us offer them to each other in sanctuary, outside the cacophony of fear and ego.

Each of us must find our Source. When that Source is found, we will be one and yet disparate. The Oneness is real and the differences psychodrama. In Oneness we will find our Harmony, we will learn to be the keys on God’s keyboard that are played each in their right sequence with no fear of being left out, but singing out with full compression when it is our turn to carry the Harmony.

Each will heal in their own way and their own time. Let us respect that, give our offering knowing that it is in part and give the respect and reaching understanding to the others offering that we would like. The spoken word, sound, music, light, consciousness, energy, nutrition, body work, meditation, soul recovery, past adjustments, intuition and service are all the same to God, they are the up-reaching arms of His/Her/Their returning children.

Brian Emmanuel Grey

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    • MMc
    • May 27, 2012

    These few paragraphs struck such a strong spiritual note that it is still resonating with me, even after the several weeks since I first read it. I have wanted to comment on it but haven’t because I don’t want to detract from it in the sense expressed by Solzhenitsyn, “Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth.” I hope that this will be read and absorbed by many people. The timing couldn’t be better or the message more accessible.

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