Appearances of Mother Mary

The Mother of the World is coming

The Divine Mother honors the Eternal Father and brings his children into relationship with Him, through the Christ, the Eternal Emanation of the Son. And the Holy Spirit is the Divine Comforter, the Mystic Presence of Emmanuel, God With Us.

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Reconsecration of America to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

For peace is a pillar of fire that is thrust as a sword in the very midst of Communist territory….Blessed ones, Medjugorje has become as a figure-eight flow where so many hearts give attention to me that the light may descend as judgment.

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A Muslim Mystic Predicts Appearance of Mother Mary in Medjugorje

At Winter Solstice and Christmas the story of Christ’s birth to Mary and Joseph and to a darkened world rings out anew to the hearts of people everywhere. This Christmas we want to share the story of two mystics: the famed Catholic friar Padre Pio and a Sufi Muslim who both told their listeners what […]

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