The Magic Door between the Ages

“Of Magic Doors, there is this,you do not see them even as you are passing through.” CS Lewis

Part One

Yesterday we experienced surprise earthquakes in the United States. An earthquake shook the people of Southern Colorado, and then the people of Virginia and the East Coast were jolted by another 5.9 quake in the middle of the day.

Oddly, the Washington Monument was cracked at the top and the National Cathedral had stones topple down from the highest pinnacle. A statue of Mother Mary in New Jersey was moved. Five nuclear plants said they experienced ” unusual events” during the quake. I am sure hundreds of thousands of people had a physical wake up call in this event. Hundreds of millions more watched in awe as they wondered, is this the big one for the USA?

Our society is passing through one such Magic Door as C S Lewis described. Astronomers, physicists, geologists, mystics, and more are talking about the astonishing events and changes that earth and mankind are experiencing. Science cannot even keep up with descriptions and studies. One physicist told us recently that there are six different occurrences happening in the Sun alone that they never predicted or saw evidence of before this time.

In view of continuing extreme weather, cultural and political events we are going to do a series of blogs on the events predicted forthe “end of the age” and the spiritual supports and solutions that mahelp to sustain vision, calm, strength and perhaps heroism.

Here is a quote from the Agni Yoga Society,

Letters Of Helena Roerich II,
Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 23 April 1938. The year 1942, according to all the most ancient writings, is considered to the end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of the new, beautiful cycle. However, this does not mean that the heavens will open and at once paradise will come on Earth. No, the consequences engendered by the end of Kali Yuga will still be felt, and with even greater force on certain parts of the planet, but on the other parts new construction will begin.

We are in a door of time and a moment of opportunity as the old cycle ends and the new cycle begins. Imprint this time with the fire of reality, idealism and truth.

Here is a great fiat that intensifies courage. We can radiate it out to the world around us:

My Heart is a Sacred Fire, a crystal of the Mind of God.

I AM the indestructible One!

– from a dictation by Vesta, copyright Elizabeth Clare Prophet and The Summit Lighthouse.

Send us your own thoughts, prayers and tools for the victory of the Light in this time.



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