The Magic Door between the Ages Part Two

Signs of the end of the age rise before us. Earthquake, volcano plumes, storm over the sea and storms in the financial markets, all are rising. People on earth must take up  heart, head and hand and help one another through this time of challenge.

Signs of the next cycle are rising too. The exposure of corruption, the refusal to be lied to, the demand for principle based action and law in economics, government and medicine. The blinders are falling off of the eyes of people everywhere. The spirit of liberty is rising. Freedom’s flame is the essence of the future.

Heart, 1932
Heart, 446. At the end of Kali Yuga all processes are actually precipitated; therefore one should not regard the past dates as unchangeable. Even a half century at the end of Kali Yuga represents not an insignificant period. Thus, Agni Yoga becomes the bridge to the future. One should firmly realize that the forces of the spirit which heretofore demanded decades, now, through the way of the heart, are accelerated to the highest degree. One can accept Agni Yoga as precipitating the evolution of the forces. Where for whole years one exercised refinement and tempering of the body, the heart can move the spirit almost immediately. Of course, the education of the heart is needed, but this lies in the sphere of feelings, not of mechanics. Thus, let us hasten to invoke the heart for service to the New World.

We can state with Saint Germain, the Master Alchemist and mankind’s friend, that of ourselves we can do nothing, but with God all things are possible. And in honor of the Name of God given unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM, we can uplift our spirits and voices and say:




I Demand Freedom

I Call Forth the Light

I AM Love in Action

And I will not take No for an Answer!

Let God’s Will be done on this Earth and everywhere.

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