Thoughts on Emerging from the Shadow

Thank you so much for these powerful insights, Michael. It does truly appear that we are in an Aquarian ‘break-out phase.’

We are so privileged to be living during this magnificent process of awakening. It is widespread, it is largely intuitive and each of us reading these pages is likely seeing it and experiencing it daily.

‘Scientism’ in all of its brittle material disguises is being exposed! The examples are outpouring. In medicine and psychotherapy, while we can still appreciate the contribution of ‘materia medica’ (a.k.a. pharmacology), we understand that it does not, and cannot, answer the breadth of health and wellness challenges we face. Millions upon millions now turn to ‘unscientific’ and ‘unproven’ (more often, unsanctioned) ‘alternative therapies,’ with enormous success.

The abject failure of formal public school education, at least for large segments of the population, is now in common discourse. And the jack is not going back in the box! Private school enrollment is rapidly expanding. And millions of children are now homeschooled. All indications are these latter options are serving our children far better than the public indoctrination factories.

The news media is also in the exposure cue, it’s rank materialistic worldview and overarching spewing forth of propaganda is increasingly observed and ridiculed. This is becoming so well documented and appreciated that it hardly needs specific defense, which means the news media will either transform into an organ of truth, or be eclipsed and disappear as alternative exponents of truth come forward.

Institutional, dogmatically-based religion is in for reform as well. Yes, many continue to follow the strident voices of the profane who have successfully infiltrated positions of authority. But many others are not longer tolerating the debasement of their traditions, and are finding kinship in the global community of believers who know that their shared spirituality is not determined by specific beliefs so much as by the loving compassion felt and experienced in one another’s Presence.

Humanity is receiving at present and with increasing intensity onrushing photon showers from the galactic center, and this phenomenon is causing us to accelerate in consciousness. Remarkably, this process appears to be encoded in the Mayan calendar; and almost as remarkably, the actual science behind this is now being confirmed by astronomers and nuclear physicists.

Like other utterly stunning information such as the admittedly far more mundane, but fully documented 25 TRILLION dollar 2007 to 2010 secret expenditure of our Federal Reserve mandarins, the major media is very nearly completely silent on these matters. We of course remind ourselves of how grateful we must be for the global internet.

All of this awakening is really an element of Gautama Buddha’s Bo Tree experience, his entry into nirvana, the state of the Presence, the Eternal Present. It is at least partly the realization that many practitioners now encounter: “I am waking up into a state of conscious awareness which, more and more, I am not ‘falling out of,’ as I have tended to do earlier on my Path.”

All genuine spiritual practice plays into the Awakening, and people in every faith are experiencing this like never before. The photons of light and enlightenment are onrushing….

I do not presume to understand the fullness of this process. I only know it is observable, verifiable and wonderful to behold in its varied manifestations. For me the whole blessed phenomenon takes a prominent place on the shelf of Holy Mystery.

May our Eternal Father Mother bless, guide and keep us on this upward flight of Being.

T Connor

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    • February 11, 2012

    Serious enthusiast of this blog, lots of your articles or blog posts have really helped me out.

    • Editor
    • March 2, 2012

    Thanks so much, Keep those comments coming!

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