Cultural changes

Thoughts on Emerging from the Shadow

All genuine spiritual practice plays into the Awakening, and people in every faith are experiencing this like never before. The photons of light and enlightenment are onrushing….

I do not presume to understand the fullness of this process. I only know it is observable, verifiable and wonderful to behold in its varied manifestations. For me the whole blessed phenomenon takes a prominent place on the shelf of Holy Mystery.

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Emerging from the Shadows: Science,Spirituality, and the Future

Underlying the dogma and fundamentalism of the materialistic perspective lays an unseen specter. “Nihilism stands at the door,” wrote Nietzsche. “Whence comes this uncanniest of all guests?” I will answer: from the ideological preserve of materialism and the custodians of the soulless society, self-appointed engineers whose unconscionable arrogance, nonaccountability and irresistible will for power and control has inevitably, historically, led to the decline of culture, the loss of individual freedom and the suffocation of the human spirit. (More on this in future articles)

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Some Thoughts On Aquarian Community

The future is now. There is extraordinary power and dynamism in community; it is a new era. Old structures and assumptions are being reexamined. Change is in the air. The implications of individual communities as cells creating world change, which are in turn created by individuals actively, fully, participating and contributing their unique gifts, in an atmosphere of freedom to their respective communities are profound

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