A New Keynote in Times of Transition

2011 on target for most earthquakes recorded in 12 years

July 12, 2011ROME 2011 is on target to record the largest number of earthquakes in a single year for at least 12 years. Research by Irish Weather Online, using data from the US Geological Survey (USGS), has found that earthquake activity (5.0-9.9 magnitude) from 01 January to 19 June 2011 is already exceeding the total annual seismic activity for the years 2001, 2002 and 2003.  2011’s total number of recorded earthquakes is also expected to exceed the most seismically active year of the past 12 years, 2007. A total of 1,445 earthquakes, ranging in magnitude from 5.0 to 9.9, have been recorded in the year up to 19
June. The total number of earthquakes recorded globally for the entire of 2007 was 2,270. The massive earthquakes in Japan (2011), Chile (2010), Sichuan (2008), Sumatra (2005 and 2008) and Indonesia (2004) have served to remind us of the devastating impact of earthquakes on life and property.  While the number of earthquakes ranging between 8.0 magnitude and 9.9 magnitude have shown no significant increases in recent years, the number of earthquakes ranging 5.0 magnitude to 7.9 magnitude is rising. In particular there has been a sharp rise during the past 12 years of moderate earthquakes in the range 5-6.9. While considered moderate to strong on the Richter Scale and far less severe than 7+ magnitude quakes, earthquakes in this range can still cause widespread damage and loss of life.   Some well known examples include Haiti in 2010 (7 mag), San Francisco Bay, California, USA, in 1989 (6.9 mag), Caracas, Venezuela, in 1965 (6.5 mag), Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2011 (6.3 mag), L’Aquila, Italy in 2009 (5.8 mag), and Newcastle , Australia, in 1989 (5.6 mag). In the last 24 hours alone earthquakes ranging 5 magnitude or more have hit Tonga, Fiji, Panama, the South Sandwich Islands, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Indonesia. Seismologists argue that an increase in detected earthquakes does not necessarily represent an increase in actual earthquakes. The USGS, for example, says improved global communication and enhancements in detection technology have both contributed to higher earthquake numbers being recorded over time. –Irish Weather Online
247.  Thus during cosmic shiftings a new keynote must definitely resound….For the new manvantara one must saturate space with the call to Hierarchy.  Only thus can the best foundations of Existence enter into life.  Hence our Teaching is so vital, hence our Hierarchy is so mighty, hence the great focus is given–for everything is grouped around the seed, and each step has its own saturation.     -El Morya:  Hierarchy 1931 from Agni Yoga

As earth and mankind go through this geological, physical, political, cultural, emotional, mental and spiritual transition, the hearts and hands of souls of light are called to serve their brothers and sisters in travail.

As best selling author Dannion Brinkley says, ” If God could not be here today, and He sent you, what difference has God made?”  We are our brothers and sister’s keepers.  Hold a hand, soothe a heart, bake bread, weed a garden, make tea, take someone to an errand, and be the difference.

Give the rosary, offer up violet flame mantras and decrees, meditate and grow. We are also called to reach out to others, build community and see the Logos and Christos in each heart.

We can do this together.  We can make the difference in this time.
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