Freedom for Souls of Light Rising

Happy Independence Day Souls of Light!

The celebration of the American Independence Day on July 4th is truly a spark of freedom that is fanning into a world wide flame during this transition of the ages. Freedom is rising in many countries around the world. And with that freedom comes the reinforcement of the  freedom of spiritual pursuit and beliefs.

A teaching from Morya on the Universal Religion:

Blessed hearts, understand the meaning of the term Universal. The Universal Christ, the universal doctrine, the universal God Government, is a thing that exists in itself. It is that something, beloved, that is present and real as the etheric matrix, of the heart. Up to this hour, that universality cannot be out pictured; for by definition, the moment that etheric matrix hits time and space and begins to come into form, immediately it is boxed and there is the contriving and then there is the arguing and then the wars accelerating for who shall have the seat of power, who shall bear the sign of authority.

Blessed ones of the Sun, The Church Universal … exists in the etheric octave and in those in embodiment who are the devotees who have daily contact with that etheric octave in the inner temples with the Ascended Masters, with the hosts of the Light- who have killed ambition and pride, who have killed their desire to be thought great and powerful and to be preferred, who have killed their flesh and blood definitions of self and other selves, who have put to the rest all desire to acquire anything but God,God, and more God.

These are the ones who remain in the earth, pillars of fire. Pillars of eternity I have called you. For your roots are in the earth, your branches are in heaven, you remain the strong trees of Life who do not allow the planet to become barren for the withdrawal of the universal matrix. …

Remember the fire infolding itself within the center of your Tree of Life. Remember, blessed hearts,  this fire of the kingdom come. Remember, the fire will do its work- the separation of the Real from the Unreal. This function is happening through you wherever you are, children , Lightbearers, little ones.

I come, then, to tell you that the fulfillment of my dream of the universality of Christ and his Christhood in all is truly coming true through you, my beloved chelas, and through the messenger…

In you, then, we see the fulfillment not alone of ourselves but of all saints of all time and religion who have dreamed of the moment of the quickening of the Holy Spirit and the Great White Brotherhood- that suddenly, as electric spark across the sky and lightning that shineth out of the East, there is a world consciousnesses of the universality of Christhood and of the I AM THAT I AM where I AM:

…For all as one and one for the allness of God in all should result- should it not, O father?- in a perception similar enough to create the brotherhood on earth that we have conceived and realized in heaven. It is a brotherhood of mystics and saints and pillars of eternity and good folk who stand for Light and are unabashed as they decree for its alchemy in themselves and their world.

Lightbearers of the World Unite!

transcribed from a Pearl of Wisdom, vol. 28 , no. 51

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    • July 29, 2011

    You Have some intriguing ideas!

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