Earthquakes: The Accelerating Shaking of Our World

Our last post on February 23rd was about Earthquakes and spiritual transmutation. As we all know, on March 11th the beautiful country of Japan was devastated by one of the world’s largest earthquakes- a 9.0 followed by a massive tsunami and the loss of thousands of lives. We mourn with the people of Japan and send compassion, strength and aid. May the power of transmutation and light, the science and art of prayer and invocation, the unity of meditation raise the entire planet’s vibration so that humanity can better navigate these stormy times.

Earthquakes from Agni Yoga

The Adepts and the great Brotherhood are attempting to awaken humanity and support us in our time of trial and challenge.

You know how the free will of humanity is directed. There can be warnings of many kinds, even earthquakes, but free will prefers destruction of its own choosing. People know that explosions cause rain, yet they will continue to disturb the atmosphere even if threatened with the fate of Atlantis. There are some responsible scientists who try to remind humanity that the harmony of physical laws should not be broken. But people are indifferent, and do not realize what harmful forces are evoked from space by disharmony. A great effort should be made to restrain such free will. Supermundane – The Inner Life – Book 1 (1938) – 241.

However, Nature’s book is full of subtle omens, and people should be able to read them. Only the blind will fail to see the fiery signs, and only imperceptive physicians will not distinguish the fiery diseases. People say, “The sun rises, the moon shines, and everything is in order; yet for some mysterious reason we feel threatened.” Those who can see will point out unusual events that are influencing human nature, while other events will pass unnoticed. Many things happen in unpredictable places, and if you were to record the whereabouts of earthquakes, floods, epidemics, unusual atmospheric events, and unexplained tensions, you would have a book about the sickness of the planet. Supermundane – The Inner Life – Book 2 (1938) – 251.

Remember that the Divine Mother and the Heavenly Hierarchy are with us. They are calling us higher and have given us many spiritual tools to hasten our spiritual growth. We have the Rosary, a meditation on the heart of the World Mother.

Here is a new version of the Rosary for our times:

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Pray for us Sons and Daughters of God,

Now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease and death.

The Blessed Mother is appearing to visionaries all over the world. She is promising us her help and aid. She has prophesied the genocide in Rwanda, the war in Bosnia, and our economic challenges. Mother Mary appeared in Akita, Japan and warned mankind of great trials. She is requesting that we fast, pray, and give her the energies of our hearts in the Rosary.

We also have a new spiritual gift, the transmuting power of the Violet Flame. Mystics and Adepts have taught about this light.They have seen this flame. They have called it the light of the Holy Spirit. In the 1930’s, the Master Saint Germain gave teaching on the Violet Flame to Guy and Edna Ballard. Experiment with this Violet Flame. It is the light of freedom, mercy, forgiveness and transmutation. Decrees are part of the Science of the Spoken Word. They are meant to be said aloud, from a loving heart, with clear visualizations and wise action. Here is a wonderful Violet Flame Decree:

O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame!

In the name of God, in the name of God, in the name of God!

O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame!

Flood the World, and flood the world and flood the world!

In the I AM name, in the I AM name, in the I AM name!

Peace and Peace and Peace be spread throughout the earth!

May the Orient express Peace,

May the Occident express Peace,

May Peace come from the East and go to the West,

Come from the North and got to the South,

and circle the world around!

May the swaddling garments of the earth

Be in place to magnify the LORD

In this day and hour and this night,

May the world abide in an aura of God Peace!


We invite you to enter in to a great spiritual experiment with the Rosary and the Violet Flame.

Call upon the Lord.

copyright 1983  The Summit Lighthouse


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