Transmutation and Earthquakes

Transmutation and Earthquakes

Nearly ninety years ago the Ascended Master El Morya physically contacted Nicholas Roerich, the Russian visionary artist, and his wife Helena in London after their escape from revolutionary Russia. They were able to maintain their contact with him and gave the world the Teachings of Agni Yoga.

Here are a number of poetic mediation glyphs from Nicholas and Helena Roerich from their Agni Yoga Society books on the subject of earthchanges, earthquakes and the power of transmutation which lies in the collective and personal consciousness.

Consider this idea: take One Prayer of fire, hope and light into your very heart. Become it, pray it, decree it, say it aloud as a mighty fiat to heaven. Gather with friends to meditate and pray. Let the world hear your voice rising to stay the tide of fear, hate, division and anger.

Fiery World II, 52. There are many convulsions in the planet. The volcanic belt is shifting considerably. If solar spots influence earthly matters, no less do poisonous gases of an earthly shock have an effect. People do not sufficiently observe the effect of earthquakes upon human consciousness. Not only is the consciousness atremor near the centers of earthquakes, but also in space this effect is irradiated as a strong poisoning. Only the ignorant can say—“what have I to do with the gases in Chile or in Siberia?” Ignoramuses do not wish to think on a world scale, but everyone who already thinks of the Fiery World understands the significance of subterranean gases and of rays from beyond.

Fiery World II, 211. You have already seen that thousands of people may perish in a single hurricane. Is it possible that the manifestation of ominous storms does not impel humanity to reflect as tow hence comes such imbalance that not only hurricanes and earthquakes, but even floods reach the highest dimensions? It is a fact that millions of people have already perished, but the consciousness continues to grow worse. It would be fair to ask humanity how many tens of millions of victims are required before a change of consciousness is recognized.

Fiery World III, 1935
Fiery World III, 29. Today, on Our Day, I shall tell how the power of beauty summons into the World of Fiery Completion. Creativeness through the power of Cosmic Love is infinite. The space resounds with the affirmation of the law of Cosmic Love. The rays are intertwined in powerful unity. Only by united Rays was it possible to arrest the many earthquakes which We have stopped. Thus for the World the experiment of Agni Yoga is being affirmed as a fiery transmutation. But for the Higher World there exists the knowledge of the cosmic law which manifests the experiment of Agni Yoga as a preparation for the acceptance of the Ray of the great Cosmic Right. Thus, the Fiery World makes manifest the essential nature of the Cosmic Right.

We too can work with the Great Brotherhood to unite our rays and arrest earthquakes and earth changes.

Violet Flame Mantra for World Transmutation

Earth is a planet of violet fire, Earth is the purity God Desires.

I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God Desires.

I demand Freedom, I call forth the Light, I AM Love in action, and I will not take No for an answer!

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    Dear coworkers – The Theosophical Society in America is hosting His Holiness the Dalai Lama July 17-18 in Chicago. Info is on the website.

    Also – there is a related article you might enjoy (free access) “Transmuting Imperil – Insight on the Healing Art from Mdm. Helena Roerich” by health care historian Dr. Martha Libster. See via the following link:

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