Emmanuel: A Christmas Poem for Aquarius

Merry Christmas & The Holy Birth

‘T’is the magic time of twilight

Hung betwixt morn and eve

When the sun has left the margent

 And ere the stars are seen
‘T’is then I have found Belov’ed
In pastel hues and pure
When Freedom has dressed her colors
And Harmonies endure.
The soft cool scent of evening

The Hope of next day’s Dawn
Give respite to the Spirit
The Healing of all that’s gone.
“O come, Come, my little One
Up and upon my knee”
“A heart so full and Joyous
Such Treasures in all does see!”
To show you hidden Treasures
Like the Stars Twinkling delight,
Or ensconced with majestic colors
The securing flames of night.
These are God’s words and gentle –
That He would Comfort every Soul –
In the Colors of His Beauty –
His Work, efforts, {dreams of Flame} –
The Embers of the old.
…We have but to turn our Vision
But a half ‘pace to the New
And Awaken from our slumbers
To the horizon’s Golden view!
His Word says – “New day’s a-dawning!”
“Rejoice! And stand right here.”
Stretch our wings of Angels
And be Free of all your fears.
Works of past are swift a-passing
Consumed in purples of even Light
Reveal a White Fire dawning,
From the Stars rebirth of Light.
Scattered where they have travelled
A million diamonds true
Gathered in God’s freshest morning
Of  this Golden Dawn for You.
For you O little Child,
To see the smile upon your face,
Gives all the Joy of Cosmos,
The Joyous shout of space!
 “A New Day of His Work is Come!”
The Miracle does resound
A new cycle of Creation
His colors, sound – ‘Songs of Aquarius’
Everywhere abound!
O‘ it is this Little Child {Aquarius}
Who carries such Love for All
Who bears our earthly burdens
And frees from human pall
It is “Emmanuel” belov’ed,
The Singer of our Song
The gentle Eye who beholds all Beauty
The One Voice within the throng.
He bears this ‘New Wine of Spirit’,
Like a breath to a brand new day
The morning that clears our Vision
It is our Hope that shows the way.
                      *  *  *
So now I stand in Wonder
A child by my side
To walk in the Voice of Mercy
My Soul an Eternal Bride.
The Day has come and will turn again –
Renewal knows the Law,
And Age upon Age shall unfold their Light
As we answer Truth’s Purest call.
It is “Love’s” Own Child
Who is Victor here
For in Wonder does He hold true
The gift of Love He holds for All
He is holding out for you.
So in these quiet hours and pure
When you might wonder and would win
Listen to thine own little One
The still, small voice within.
“I Love You!” I’d say, an Eternal Song,
A ‘witness’ more than ‘whim’ –
I Love you my Friend with an Eternal song
That upbears me from within!
Peace! In this season! This day! This Hour!
Remember the Day that’s New!
And forget not these Aquarian  Colors
His dawning gifts for you.
This Christmas time when I would bring
A wind-song to your Heart
May a wish suffice to fill your soul
With St. Germain’s delight and Highest Art.
O Aquarian Dreams – {…a silly song}
Of the Christmas Birth within
It Seals our Souls in a Holy Vow
Of the child that comes again.
Jesus remembers and ‘Francis too’
“Love” was their name for All
Let Love be your Eternal answer
It’s own reward – A Gift without a flaw.
Merry Christmas &
             The Holy Birth
                   Each Day, Each Hour
           In Love’s 3-fold flame within!

                                                 — Neil Atkinson



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    • William Saviola
    • January 26, 2013

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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