personal freedom

A Spiritual Solution for a Spiritual Crisis

I would like to add a comment on the entry regarding the massacre of the innocents in Norway.  We see many events taking place in the world and feel powerless against them.  But this powerlessness is the result of the projections of those who seek control for their fear of freedom. I am immediately reminded […]

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Freedom for Souls of Light Rising

Happy Independence Day Souls of Light! The celebration of the American Independence Day on July 4th is truly a spark of freedom that is fanning into a world wide flame during this transition of the ages. Freedom is rising in many countries around the world. And with that freedom comes the reinforcement of the  freedom […]

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Security Versus Personal Liberty

The latest public upset over recent TSA security implementations underscores the inherent tension between the need of the individual for freedom and the state for absolute control. At the founding of the United States, our security was at an all time low with Britain, the world’s superpower of the time, still desiring to hold the […]

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