Unprecedented Seismic Event

The Magic Door between the Ages

Part 3

“Of magic doors, there is this, you do not see them even as you are passing through.” CS Lewis

What has been called an ” unprecedented seismic convulsion event” has ripped through the planet in the last 24 hours. A huge release of seismic tension has occurred with a 6.1 earthquake  in Alaska, a 6.0 earthquake of the coast of New Zealand, a third 6.2 off the northeast coast of Japan and the fourth quake is a 6.0 off of Cuba. Alvin at www.extinction protocol.com points out that this massive seismic action could be the herald of a new phase in earth’s destabilization.

What can one person do about all this change? Is there intelligent design behind all this disruption? Could our consciousness be one of the keys behind these events? Saints and teachers, Messiahs and Buddhas all preach the same message, take personal responsibility:  love one another as I have loved you, become awake, love the Lord with all thy heart, with all thy mind and with all thy spirit, and love thy neighbor as thyself.

With courage and patience let us remain focused on the well being of our families and communities, our school and hospitals, our states and nations and world. We will not let the loud and angry ones call the shots and decide which way this planet goes. Peace to all beings  and Vigilance!

A note from  Supermundane,  Agni Yoga Teachings, # 127, 1940

Some may ask if it is possible that within only two decades such a powerful cosmic tension can develop. Such a question proves that the significance of Armageddon is little understood. Anyone who knows about the approaching end of Kali Yuga recognizes that it cannot occur without world upheavals. The forces that were particularly powerful during the Black Age must now struggle for survival, and they prefer a general catastrophe to defeat. We must co-measure Our forces according to the planetary situation, for during such tension the least exaggeration of effort can destroy the equilibrium.

Most people are unable to understand the importance of co-measurement and goalfitness. They think that Our Power can overcome any resistance, regardless of the cosmic imbalance. It is a simple concept yet it must be repeated constantly, otherwise even the most learned people fall into despair and wonder why something that was possible ten years ago is not possible today. Such a question is evidence that they do not understand cosmic motion. Not without reason do We call for courage and patience.

Morya to Helena and Nicholas Roerich

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