World History

Super Bowl’s Sympathy for the Devil

Something wicked this way comes- in America’s Super Bowl? The most watched TV program in world and the crucible for the famed Super Bowl ads which, we are told, is  a pulse-point for pop culture and innovation. That bill of goods  may be the biggest marketing scam of them all. During the Super Bowl, Mercedes […]

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Redemption of Genocide and Hate- a True Story

The world tells us new stories of hate every day. It is not everyday that you hear a story of redemption-sheer, miraculous redemption. This is one man’s story about how hate and murder can be turned around.   “That night, over a dinner of rice and goat, several of us joined in conversation. The Rwandan […]

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The Count of Saint Germain, Sir Francis Bacon and the Supernova

The comet would announce a presence of “a marvelous being… who as yet lives not, and who shall reveal many things.” This being would be a master of all arts, bearing three divine gifts to change the face of the world.

Prophecies of comets, stars and rarely gifted beings did not ring as strangely in the ears of Elizabethans as they do in our ears today. (And we, in our time, do not treat them as scornfully as did our brothers 50 years ago.) Just who this great master of all arts would be only the gods in heaven could know for certain, but the one man of that time who came closest to fulfilling Paracelsus’ prophecy was our man of mystery, Francis Bacon.

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Brave New World of the Ethically Impaired

I believe philosophical materialism is the rationale of the authoritarian character that, according to psychiatrist Eric Fromm, loves to limit human freedom and rob people of their humanity. He writes, “Authoritarian philosophy is essentially relativistic and nihilistic… it leads to the denial of life.” At its core, it is irrational and anti-intellectual. This is why the materialistic view, which is inherently authoritarian, cannot co-exist with any other perspective or belief system. To do so would disempower the anti-life matrix which sustains it.

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Emerging from the Shadows: Science,Spirituality, and the Future

Underlying the dogma and fundamentalism of the materialistic perspective lays an unseen specter. “Nihilism stands at the door,” wrote Nietzsche. “Whence comes this uncanniest of all guests?” I will answer: from the ideological preserve of materialism and the custodians of the soulless society, self-appointed engineers whose unconscionable arrogance, nonaccountability and irresistible will for power and control has inevitably, historically, led to the decline of culture, the loss of individual freedom and the suffocation of the human spirit. (More on this in future articles)

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New Proofs of Nuclear War in Ancient India

The father of the atomic bomb stated that the first atomic test at Alamagordo was the first atomic explosion ” in modern times.” Interested in what he was referring to? Check out this evidence.

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